Dinah Madise

``To be ahead you must have an impeccable work ethic.``

Known to her followers as #BerekaMosadi (which translates to "outwork everyone").
Dinah enjoys traveling the world inspiring women to transform their lives. She has business partners in multiple countries worldwide and the business is expanding daily.
I am, essentially, an influencer, traveller , social media entrepreneur, and a renowned business woman. I hold an MBA in music and creative industries. I have worked for multiple companies including DSTV and SABC.

“I believe that the world needs you to lead and influence. You are passionate, thoughtful and have a lot to offer. You hold power to improve lives and help them become better and stand for what is dear to you.”

– Dinah

Special Approach To Every Client

Personal & Professional Development

“Dinah Madise named an Influential Social Media Entrepreneur”

Solution Focused Life Coach
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Helen Kithinji

“Dinah is a remarkable Business Leader that I have had the pleasure of working with over the last 7 years! I have experienced her give off herself selflessly, yet professionally as a coach and mentor. Her approach coupled with the insights she shares from her experience as a successful entrepreneur have been instrumental in coaching and training entrepreneurs on the African Continent and beyond. Her energy and zest for life is always a great inspiration for many to believe in themselves, to want more and to pursue more for themselves.”

Helen Kithinji

Author, Speaker & Accredited Executive Coach
Anand Patel

“Dinah is an effervescent source of pure positive energy that she shares with the world to better impact each of us. Not only an astute businesswoman but also a visionary who can see way beyond just today.

I’ve had the privilege of getting to know her over the years through mutual business opportunities & it’s clear to me that she is focused, compassionate & disciplined even through the stormiest of seasons.

Her family & community values have given her a level headedness which means there’s no stopping her.”

Anand Patel

Successful Business Owner
Malebo Seoke-Hall

“I have been under Ms Dinah Madise Mentorship for about 3 years. I’ve managed to grow my business to 1M Pula .Dinah is an Incredible and focused woman, who make things happen. She is a true leader as she leads by example and ever engaging her teams. She has taught me that “a true leader is the one who does not Stop Learning”. I am so excited to be working with here and very humble to continue learning from her.”

Malebo Seoke-Hall

Chemist and Entrepreneur

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